Blinded Veterans Association Florida Regional Group

​Terry King BIO

Born July 18, 1940 inn Indianapolis Ind.  

Father of 3

Joined the Army in 1959 Combat engineers, rank E4

Demolition specialist 

Lost his sight from a Shell explosion in 

Discharged in 62

Jack of all trades

Self learner

From 62 to the present

Always working for the betterment of the visually impaired

First total to manage one of the   largest cafeteria locations in Ill.

President of the VHMI an Org of Blinded Vending Stand managers and headed up the independence of self-employment for venders in the state of Ill.

On the board of directors of the Ill. Federation of the Blind in Ill. Several times

With the help of our 5 year old sighted daughter he re-marked Thousands of pieces in Braille which was each piece of a kit for a 32 cabin cruiser.  While living in Chicago.

Written up in the newspapers around the world for this particular achievement

Can sail a sailboat by him

Founder of the VIPs in Fort Myers in 1974 when he moved to Florida and

President of the VIP Org. many times

Presently President of the FRG BVA

4th year on the governor’s counsel for the rehabilitation for the blind

Points of the areas that Terry was responsible for:

1: list serve

2: increasing luncheons around the state

3: increased district directors

4: wrote the duties of the district directors, made them a part of the bylaws, also made many upgrades to our bylaws

5: do to some careful planning we were able to increase our membership, from Around 700 to an all time high of 1,500.

One reason was because of a letter from the FRG to the Vist to their patients about the FRG BVA, and because of the Hipa , only the VIST could contact their patients,  under their letter head .

6: the most important job that I had was representing blinded veterans when they were having problems with the VA.

7: I became involved when I seen that there was only one person running the FRG, and yes that was George stocking. As I became involved more and more I came to realize that we had to get more veterans involved this is why I started getting veterans involved by making then assistant directors, and one time we has over 60 veterans as assistants directors.

No one person can run the size of the FRG by one's self.

Terry King