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District                               Director             Phone                  Email
North (N)                           David Zang       (904) 529-9376    Davidzang@projmstrs.com
Central North (CN)          Doug Cram       (352) 489-0557    dodc5@att.net
Central Eastern (CE)       Jeffrey Ebbers   (407) 473-5698    jsefrgbva@gmail.com 
Central Western (CW)    Virginia Vogel     (313) 600-6532    vvogel5800@gmail.com
South Eastern (SE)          Jim McCoy          (954) 616 9220    jmccoy70@att.net
South Western (SW)       Anna Clarke        (239) 789-6708    annafrgbva@gmail.com

​​​​​​"FLORIDA REGIONAL GROUP is a 501C3 tax deductible organization"

*Please contact FRG President

This site is dedicated to the Blinded Veterans of the Florida Regional Group, their families and friends.  The site has been built to be accessible by screen readers.  If you are having difficulty navigating the site or you have any other comments concerning this site, please contact the web master (Carlos Pere) via phone at (813) 486-4817 or by e-mail:  webmaster@frgbva.org

The FRG-BVA has a LIST SERVE (Google Group) that provides updates on legislation affecting Blinded Veterans who belong to the Florida Regional Group of the BVA and their families or their care providers.  To join this group, simply send an e-mail to the following address: FRG-BVA+subscribe@googlegroups.com​. Please provide your name and e-mail address in the text of the message.


The BVA Board of Directors announced that the membership dues for LIFE would now be a one time fee of only $25!

Membership in the BVA is limited to Veterans who are legally or totally blind. To join the BVA, click on the following button to fill out and print to mail the application to join the BVA.

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​FRG Calendar of Events

- 2019 -


April 11 - 13      FRG Annual Convention Florida Hotel in Orlando


Last update: 3/14/19  Made correction to Dates for State Convention, Changed the ayout of the Home Page, and updated the Calendar of Events. 

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