Blinded Veterans Association Florida Regional Group

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This site is dedicated to the Blinded Veterans of the Florida Regional Group, their families and friends.  The site has been built to be accessible by screen readers.  If you are having difficulty navigating the site or you have any other comments concerning this site, please contact the web master (Carlos Pere) via phone at 1-800-478-3916 or by e-mail:


Membership in the BVA is limited to Veterans who are legally or totally blind. To join the BVA, click on the following button to fill out and print to mail the application to join the BVA.​​

FRG Calendar of Events

- 2019 - 2020 - 

    • Jacksonville Luncheon - October 12th, 2019

    • Fort Myers Luncheon - November 2nd, 2019

    • Ocala Luncheon - January 11th, 2020

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